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The concept start-up first emerged in the American Silicon Valley in 2010. As the name suggests, "Start-up" is an expression of English origin used to express "to start and beginnings".  With its simplest definition, this word refers to a business model concept used for companies achieving a serious potential with high output in a short time in the business world. Initiatives using the technology in the sector in which it operates and offering the same to its stakeholders, addressing to different and diverse groups, covering the user requirements by delivering the service offered to users or creating needs with the services they render and which are open to continuity and development are also referred to as start-ups. In short, start-ups bring solutions to an issue or a problem and develop rapidly by applying such solutions.
The development of technological infrastructure, increasing interest in the information technology sector and the subsequent increase in the amount of investments in the information technology sector have led to a rise in start-up ideas and the transformation of these ideas into global companies. The fact that start-ups better analyze what users desire and how the world is transforming compared to companies with a classical management style, positions start-ups one step ahead of other companies in terms of growth and progress.

Cooperation between start-ups and existing corporate companies is also very important in the business world. As already known, companies require change, development and evolution when appropriate. If a company is against current developments and transformations and does not renew itself, it will not be possible to show progress after a certain time, whereas such company may also be completely wiped off the market. At this point, start-ups support corporate companies to understand where the business world has evolved with their projects and to meet the expectations of consumers with this dynamic.

It is a fact that start-ups, becoming more and more important in a globalized world that has developed significantly in quite a short time cannot achieve success in the long term unless they are established on a solid legal ground. For this reason, it is imperative that legal support be received for the start-up establishment as well as during the ongoing process after the establishment of the company. Due to the fact that the concept of start-up is constantly open to innovation and varies accordingly, start-up law also requires the use of many branches of law such as IT law, trade law, intellectual property law, contract law and law on the protection of personal data. As Miran Legal, we render services to start-ups with our experience in these legal fields utilizing our dynamic and versatile business approach so that they become global companies.