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Sports is one of the indispensable elements of society in terms of economic, social and cultural aspects. As a result of the developing technology, globalization and large-scale investments, the sports sector has become an economic commodity in addition to being a social and cultural element of society and has achieved an even more important success in the world. 

Media organs have an undeniable effect on sports becoming such an effective activity. If we are give a general definition of the media, it is the name given to the tools used in order to transfer information, store and disseminate certain data and provide mass communication. The types of media used to achieve such purposes vary considerably. With the introduction of the new media order into our lives in addition to traditional or mass media, the relationship between sports and media has even become stronger.

Besides the great influence of the media on sports, sports also exerts a great influence on the media. Sports (especially mass sports such as basketball and football) is used as the most important publication to increase newspaper circulation and television ratings. The high ratio of ratings and reading means that the advertisements have served well and therefore the income has become higher. This issue enables sports and media become two inseparable sectors that strengthen each other.

Since the sports and media sectors are so intertwined, the legal problems encountered in both sectors have become similar. As a matter of fact, legal situations concerning both sectors such as sponsorship, advertising, drawing up management contracts, protection of personal rights of sportspersons in the media, ensuring all kinds of legal protections in the procedures carried out by sports clubs through media tools and solving legal issues should be resolved by law firms with extensive experience in both sectors. As Miran Legal, we serve our local and foreign clients in these sectors with our experience both in the media and sports sector.