By deeply understanding the dynamics of each sector we serve, we develop innovative, industry-specific solutions that address our clients' unique challenges and unlock opportunities.

The retail sector, which is one of the most important fields of the consumption sector, is the portal of Turkey to the world. Young population power, production capacity, easy access to raw materials make Turkey an important market and player in Europe, Middle East and Africa regions in the retail sector. Due to this position of Turkey, many investors from Turkey and abroad invest in the retail sector.

But then, domestic companies operating in the retail sector with an increasing speed have fastened their ventures to make their brands global, export their products to the foreign market and sell their products abroad.
As Miran Legal, we provide legal consultancy services for the settlement of the problems encountered by our clients currently operating in the retail sector in Turkey, with the experience acquired by our work in the retail sector. On the other side, we provide consultancy services to both domestic companies to be opened to the foreign market and domestic and foreign investors who will invest in the retail sector, by analyzing the issues they may encounter if they make investments, in order to realize their investments in the most efficient way, through the law offices we work in the global field.