By deeply understanding the dynamics of each sector we serve, we develop innovative, industry-specific solutions that address our clients' unique challenges and unlock opportunities.

The insurance sector in Turkey has been expanding and developing constantly for many years. This case did not go unnoticed by the global insurance companies and these global companies started to operate in the insurance sector through procurements done in Turkey. The fact that global insurance companies started operating in the Turkish insurance sector made the sector more dynamic and contributed deeply to the improvement of the sector.

The development of technology and changes in the needs of both consumers and investors have caused the occurrence of new merchandise in the insurance industry. The foundation of new merchandise, the increase in insurance awareness, the increase in insurance policies have led to an increase and change in legal problems encountered by insurance companies.

As Miran Legal, with our experience in the insurance field, we provide legal consultancy services to insurance companies on closing the damage files, concluding the cases against them, execution of withdrawal cases, and conducting peace work in collective cases. On the other side, due to the continuous and quick changes in the legal regulations on the insurance field, we provide consultancy services for our clients operating in the insurance sector to yield to the current changes by following up-to-date judicial decisions and legislative updates.