By deeply understanding the dynamics of each sector we serve, we develop innovative, industry-specific solutions that address our clients' unique challenges and unlock opportunities.

Industry is defined as the discovery, processing and production of raw materials to convert them to a suitable status for human use. The industry sector, being one of the main sectors of the economy, basically covers industrial activities. Industrial activities are about the conversion of raw materials into portable and usable products. All kinds of financial activities carried out by large, small and medium-sized enterprises are considered as industrial operations. Manufacturing industry is the most important and dynamic sub-sector within the industry sector. Manufacturing industry is the sector with the largest share in terms of both production value and employment volume in almost all countries. It is explicit that the industry sector has an important share in overall economy both in terms of sectoral balance and in terms of creating investment, employment and added value in the long term. Yet, when economic competition becomes an issue in question, the industry sector is the first among those holding the biggest share in the realization of income growth and economic independence concepts forming the basis of this competition. Industrialization also covers the application of new production techniques to manufacturing, the improvement of product quality, the realization of production with less costs and the changes that the country has undergone in terms of economic and social areas. In this respect, industrialization is closely related to the rise of knowledge and culture level in society as well as scientific and technological developments. Industry sector has many sub-branches and this brings along different commercial and legal challenges that may be encountered in all fields of industry. For this reason, it is of great importance to work with law offices that are equipped with detailed knowledge of not only legal issues and legislation, but also administrative and financial issues, commercial and technological developments in the field of activity operated in and in the manufacturing sector. As Miran Legal, we serve our local and foreign clients particularly operating in the field of technology, leather, textile, transportation, defense, automotive, pharmaceutical industry by taking into account their specific requirements, determining their legal and commercial strategies, performing risk management, ensuring compliance with regulations and concluding all disputes quickly and successfully.