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The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that the health sector is very important in providing the health services that all people need.

As Miran Legal,  we provide services to all shareholder institutions and organizations in the sector in the field of health law, namely hospitals, clinics, medical centers, imaging clinics, food and drug manufacturing companies, health equipment manufacturers, doctors and other healthcare professionals, patients and their relatives, that is to say, every institution, organization and individuals integrated into the system.

At the same time, Miran Legal is a leading law firm in our field in terms of resolution of disputes occurring from patient-doctor relations, which are an important part of health law and often encountered, malpractice cases occurring from the treatment process and liability. 

We also provide consultancy services at the point of executing the relevant official permit and license procedures of the shareholders of the health sector.

Health sector needs various fields of law in order to function correctly as it is a multidisciplinary service field. 

From the production of the drugs used at the treatment point to the relevant licensing process and the positive or negative effects of the entire treatment process on the patient, many areas are subject to more than one regulation.

We, as Miran Legal, provide services to all our clients and advisees with our profound experience in the health field , which is the most important sector of our age.