We provide services to our clients in different sectors in the legal fields in which we operate, by internalizing the unique dynamics of the sector and coming up with industry-specific solutions.

The food and agriculture sector is the first and most significant circle of the entire operating food chain. The food and agriculture sector is a huge sector that includes a bunch of sub-branches such as growing, harvesting, importing, exporting, trading, distribution and marketing of the product. 
The habit of consuming organic products, which has recently become a trend amongst the consumers, has led to many companies in the agricultural sector to change their habits and revise their activities. This change caused local firms to expand and open up to the world, and global firms to change their production techniques. Briefly, the trend of consuming organic products has led to a change in all habits that have settled in the food and agriculture sector till today. The change of these habits affects many things such as the bonds between the consumer and the producer, and the production and marketing processes of the companies.
The amount of legal conflicts in the food and agriculture sector is increasing each and every day due to the fact that it includes many subfields of activity and the change and transformation in question. Within this scope, our expert staff working in the field of agriculture have experienced all potential legal conflicts that our clients may come across in all phases from planting, which is the first step of the production, to harvesting and transferring the products to the consumer, and with this experience, they respond to the needs and requests of our clients.

Coming to the food sector, we provide for our clients of all scales who need legal support in solving legal issues in the entire process from the production phase to the delivery of the product to the consumer's plate.