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Energy is one of the most crucial factors necessary for the continuation of life in our world. Energy has become one of the most needed things by human beings today, after water and air. Thus, the whole world is working on the more efficient use of current energy resources, the development of new energy resources, and coming up with technological developments on energy saving.

Daily growth in the need for energy has led to the number of companies investing in the energy sector increase as well. With the contribution of recent technological developments, concepts such as sustainable energy and clean energy technologies have started to be in question. With the more frequent use of these concepts and the increased interest in these fields, companies that invest in these new fields have increased each and every day, apart from companies that invest in classical energy resources and related sectors. This resulted in increased competition in the energy sector and therefore current legal problems related to the energy sector to occur more often. 

Turkey has many energy alternatives due to its geological statues. This causes many commercial companies to operate directly or indirectly in several fields of the energy sector in our country.
As Miran Legal, we provide project finance, real estate, land usage, landscape / environment planning, derivatives and commodities, taxation, labor, international trade to companies that produce, transport, process and market energy in the fields of both classical energy resources and sustainable energy resources. Furthermore, because of the consequent changes in the regulations on the energy sector, we follow all the developments regarding the government grants, current decisions of the energy market regulators and the legal legislation and assist our clients in the application of the changes made.