By deeply understanding the dynamics of each sector we serve, we develop innovative, industry-specific solutions that address our clients' unique challenges and unlock opportunities.

The construction and real estate sector is one of the locomotive sectors of our economy. At the same time, this sector is the benchmark of the Turkish economy. Due to its current and constantly developing structure, the legal regulations in regards to the construction and real estate sector are also changing and expanding each and every day.

This sector is divided into sub-branches as infrastructure and superstructure construction, urban transformation and restoration processes. Thus, each of these processes has different sides. Business owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, project teams are some of these parties; and serious legal work is needed to manage the bond between the parties.

As Miran Legal, we provide legal consultancy to our clients operating in the construction and real estate sector, from the initial stage of a project to the finalization and commissioning after project delivery. On the contrary, we provide legal consultancy services to our clients on government grants and how to benefit from them, organized industrial zones, free trade areas and how to invest in these areas. At the same time, we guide our clients in benefiting from tax reduction programs and obtaining permits for land registry and cadaster.

As Miran Legal, we also provide real estate agents, property owners, investors, tenants, and vendors with all the legal services they need in the field of contracts, purchasing procedures, transfer procedures, leasing procedures in the management of real estate portfolios.