By deeply understanding the dynamics of each sector we serve, we develop innovative, industry-specific solutions that address our clients' unique challenges and unlock opportunities.

The finance sector, which is one of the oldest service sectors in the world, has slowly gained in volume and has become one of the largest sectors in the world due to globalization and its direct and indirect bonds with all other sectors. In line with the development of the finance sector and the increase in the needs of the global market, the solution options in the sector have been varied and companies that provide different financial solutions other than banks now exist in the sector.

Turkey, and Istanbul in particular being one of the major commercial centers of the world, has caused both local and global companies in the finance sector to enhance their activities in our country.

As Miran Legal, we provide consultancy services to our clients both at home and abroad operating in the finance sector (banks, factoring companies, leasing companies, asset management companies, lending institutions, investment funds) in regards to their needs, through the relevant up-to-date regulations and laws.

On the flipside, our experienced team of lawyers, in addition to providing legal consultancy services regarding all financial activities; also provides the necessary legal support for the fast and active effectuation of our clients' financial actions such as loan, mortgage and debt collection. 

It is vital to get a leg up from teams with legal expertise when executing transactions related to the financial services sector, as it covers many areas of law. We, as Miran Legal, offer our sectoral speciality to our clients and contribute to our clients being one step ahead of their competitors.