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Legal Consulting

As Miran Legal, we think that specializing and acquiring meritable information makes a difference in today's world. Hence, we provide services in areas where we have adequate experience and expertise to make a difference.

Real Estate Law appears as a branch of law subject to the Law of Property, which is a part of the Civil Law interests almost all parts of the society. Movables that individuals and institutions establish or can establish property rights on and all immovables are dealt within the context of Law of Property. All the rules concerning real estates under the title of Law of Property are examined under Real Estate Law.

Real Estate Law is an up-to-date branch of law which interests all parts of the society. Hence, when the conflicts in the real estate field throughout the society are taken to the court; parties at times encounter severe court expenses and fee payments and lose rights. Then again, real estate law is a detailed branch of law where there are many exceptions, it concerns many other branches of law, so it may be difficult to resolve disputes without seeking legal assistance. Hence, it is quite crucial to go with a legal team specialized in real estate in order to resolve and clarify legal conflicts in the field of real estate.

As Miran Legal, we provide comprehensive and quality service to our clients by tapping into the expertise of architects and engineers if necessary, in conflicts occurring from Real Estate Law.

Our office provides legal consultancy services to property owners and investors in regards to the transfer and management of their properties, and the carrying out the transactions in administrative and adjudicatory authorities. Some of these services can be listed as;

  • Execution of cooperative transactions,
  • Establishment and cancellation of mortgage, usufruct and other real rights,
  • Providing consultancy services for foreign investors regarding real estate acquisition in Turkey,
  • Providing legal support to the owners in the process of demolishment and reconstruction of risky buildings with the resolution of legal conflicts regarding the urban transformation process,
  • Execution of deed cancellation and registration actions,
  • Execution of trespass and adequate price actions, 
  • Execution of partition cases (elimination of the partnership),
  • Preparation of lease contracts,
  • Execution of discharge, rent determination and adaptation actions,
  • Execution of confiscation actions without expropriation,
  • Settlement of conflicts occurring from zoning law,
  • Settlement of joint ownership and joint venture conflicts occurring from ownership,
  • Settlement of administrative and legal conflicts occurring from zoning legislation.