Activity Areas | Merger and Acqusition
Legal Consulting

As Miran Legal, we think that specializing and acquiring meritable information makes a difference in today's world. Hence, we provide services in areas where we have adequate experience and expertise to make a difference.

If more than one company come together under the same roof, this shall be referred to as a merger. The acquisition of all or a part of another company by a company is expressed with the concept of takeover. Reducing competition between companies, increasing the company's share of the market, increase of productivity, growth and strengthening are the most important reasons for mergers and acquisitions. Achieving these objectives constitutes great importance for the existence, continuity and development of companies. Due diligence, however, is one of the most important concepts in company merger and acquisition procedures. The term due diligence can be literally described as necessary, reasonable and necessary attention and care. It expresses the required care to be taken accepted as an important element sought in order to establish responsibility in all legal proceedings rather than a criterion of behavior as a function or activity.  In practice, it is used in the framework of both acquisition and merger procedures in the sense of detailed and private examination of the target company before acquiring or merging with it. Examining the financial statements and legal documents of the company and identifying the deficiencies as a result of the examination will be considered within this scope. As a result of this stage, data that will constitute a bargaining element on investment principles will be obtained and an infrastructure will be formed for price determination during the purchasing stage. It is of great importance for companies seeking growth and entrepreneurs seeking new investors to be prepared for the due diligence process and to assess this process accurately. As Miran Legal, we render legal services in the merger and acquisition processes of national and international companies operating in various fields, particularly in energy, finance, real estate, insurance, pharmaceuticals and medical products, automotive and telecommunication. These services can generally be listed as follows:

  • Legal due diligence and risk assessment,
  • Consultancy and planning on joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions and asset sales,
  • Drafting, analysis and negotiation of merger agreements,
  • Drafting, analysis and negotiation of joint venture agreements,
  • Drafting, analysis and negotiation of consortium agreements,
  • Drafting, analysis and negotiation of share transfer agreements,
  • Drafting, analysis and negotiation of share pledge agreements,
  • Reorganization after share transfer agreements,
  • Offering legal consultancy services regarding the investments of foreign investors,
  • Serving the necessary notifications to regulatory authorities in Turkey regarding mergers and acquisitions and obtaining the necessary permits.