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Labor Law can be considered as a branch of law that examines the rules of law that ensure the regulation of the relations between the workers and employers, who are the parties in question of a labor contract, and the public undividedly. 

Labor Law can be divided into two as individual and collective Labor Law. Individual Labor Law mostly includes small and medium sized enterprises. In small and medium-sized enterprises, the working conditions determined by a contract between the employee and the employer, meaning the wages, premiums, bonuses, social rights, as well as the termination of the employment contract and compensation, all form the subject of individual labor law. Collective Labor Law examines and regulates the bond between the syndicates representing the workers in large enterprises and the employer. The issues such as establishing a syndicate in this bond, becoming a member of a syndicate, syndicate rights, collective bargaining agreements constitute the subjects of collective labor law.

In Labor Law, some obligations are imposed on both the employee and the employer with the laws, regulations and relevant legislation. Considering the massive outcomes of not going with these obligations on the employers’ side, a professional legal consultancy is essential in the process from the recruitment procedure of the employee to the termination of the employment contract, and sometimes in the conflicts that emerge after this process. Professional legal consultancy has a great importance for the workers, who are the other party to the contract, in regards to the protection of their labor and rights and the pursuance and collection of the case when there is a conflict.

At this point, we as Miran Legal provide the services given below to both our employee and local & foreign employer clients. 

  • All kinds of consultancy services in regards to Labor and Social Security Law (from recruitment to termination process),
  • Preparation of all contracts and documents in regards to Labor and Social Security Law,
  • Creating and revising personal files, 
  • Prosecution of labor action of debt occurring from Labor and Social Security Law,
  • Managing the termination process for employment contracts (termination notice, preparation of discharge text, payment of compensation and receivables, exit procedures).