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As Miran Legal, we think that specializing and acquiring meritable information makes a difference in today's world. Hence, we provide services in areas where we have adequate experience and expertise to make a difference.

Intellectual property, which is also known as copyrights or intellectual rights, is an intellectual product that belongs to a person or organization. Aforementioned person or organization might also decide to later share it freely or control its use in certain ways.

Industrial Property in general terms, in favor of the primary implementers of inventions, innovations, new designs and original works in industry and agriculture; It is an intangible right which ensures that the landmarks on the goods manufactured and sold in the field of trade are registered under the name of their owners and thereby the primary implementers have the right to produce and sell the product for a certain period of time. Industrial Property rights include patents, petty patents, brands and designs.

Generally, Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights are the rights that protect the commercial rights of the inventor of the work, brand and invention. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights can also be defined as the rights of an enterprise in various forms such as using, converting into a product, distributing, spreading, selling, regarding its products, methods, documents, visuals, identity elements, all original designs of artworks and confidential or open information (intangible assets). 

Copyrights emerge directly with the creation of the work. There is no need for a procedure such as notification or registration for this. On the contrary, rights in the industrial property category such as patents, petty patents, brands and designs must be registered in an administrative institution such as the Turkish Patent Institute. Registration is essential when it comes to industrial rights; unregistered protection is an exception. Intellectual property rights have sui generis features that differ from other areas of law.

As Miran Legal, within the context of Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, in order to protect trademarks and products at national and international level; 

  • National and international research, registration, protection and transfer of trademarks, patents, industrial designs and petty patents,
  • Providing consultancy services on trademark, patent, industrial design and petty patents rights and execution of civil and criminal cases happening due to conflicts,
  • Execution of procedures regarding copyright,
  • Preventing the abuse of trade secrets,
  • Providing consultancy services in the preparation of license agreements and licensing / acquisition negotiations to our domestic and foreign clients in the most up-to-date manner.