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As Miran Legal, we think that specializing and acquiring meritable information makes a difference in today's world. Hence, we provide services in areas where we have adequate experience and expertise to make a difference.

Briefly, Insurance Law; is a branch of private law within the context of commercial law, examining the contracts that the underwriter binds to compensate for, and the rights and obligations occurring from these contracts, in the case of a risk that damages the benefit of a private or juridical person that can be measured with money in return for a bounty. 

All along their lives, people encounter numerous dangers in life, which is a concept of insurance law, risks. These possibilities might be a traffic accident, earthquake, burglary or blaze, etc. While the above mentioned risks endanger the safety of life and property of people; people on the other hand also feel the need to protect themselves against these risks. As a result of this need, Insurance Law has eventually come into the picture as a separate branch of law.

Although the basic regulations on Insurance Law are included in the Insurance Act No.5684 and the Turkish Trade Act No.6102, due to the broad variety of sub-branches of Insurance Law and the rapid change of the bylaws, regulations and notifications in the field, it is very crucial to get professional legal support.

As a result of the growth and development in the insurance sector, there is a rapid increase in legal disputes due to insurance implementations. As Miran Legal, we provide a professional legal service on cases such as resolution of existing disputes, collection of receivables, management of damage file processes, representation of clients in cases occurring from rescission. These services can be listed as below; 

  • Process management in regards to bodily and material damages,
  • Actuarial calculations regarding bodily damage,
  • Settlement of legal and rescission files in regards to damage,
  • Representation of clients by the Insurance Arbitral Tribunal.