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The subject of Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law includes how the money and security receivables coming out from private law relations will be collected with the help of the public authority and power within the limits set by the law, in case of not being paid by the indebted.

There are several methods of debt collection in Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law. This may be through executive proceedings; if the conditions exist, as well as through bankruptcy. How the debtor’s movable and immovable can be distrained legally, whether a pursuance can be initiated, how the debtor's property can be distrained if the debtor does not pay his debt in case of pursuance, how the sequestrated property can be converted into money are included in the rules of debt enforcement and bankruptcy law. The way in which the debt enforcement and bankruptcy files are followed up affects the course of the process and the speed of its conclusion. Hence, it is important for the debtee to get help from a professional legal team in collecting their current receivables as soon as possible.

Not only file debtee; It is very important for file debtors to get help from a professional legal team in matters such as which legal procedures they can apply to against the pursuance, and the legal structuring of debts in the most correct way that does not harm the existing commercial activity..

Although the Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law is often considered as the collection of money, the Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law also includes cases such as the evacuation and delivery of immovables, the delivery of movable assets, performing or not performing a certain action, the execution of the provisions in regards to the right of easement, the delivery of the child and the establishment of a personal relationship with the child.

In this direction, our office provides the services stated below in line with Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law.

  • Execution of debt enforcement procedures through converting the with/without judgement, pledge/mortgage into money, 
  • Execution of provisional seizure procedures,
  • Making bankrupt’s certificate applications and executing the litigation process,
  • Once the debt enforcement procedure is initiated, the collection is made by performing the transactions of seizure, sale and allocation of money,
  • Obtaining the credentials of incapacity to pay debt,
  • Execution of action for annulment of objection,
  • Execution of action of recovery,
  • Execution of action of infringement of commitment,
  • Execution of negative declaratory and restitution actions,
  • Execution of actions for abandonment of trade, not wanting bankruptcy,
  • Execution of annulment of tender actions,
  • Carrying out the restructuring process of companies by improving the financial state.