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As Miran Legal, we think that specializing and acquiring meritable information makes a difference in today's world. Hence, we provide services in areas where we have adequate experience and expertise to make a difference.

A contract is a legal transaction consisting of reciprocative and mutually appropriate declarations of will of the parties to come up with some legal outcomes.

It is possible for private and legal persons to sign contracts for establishing a legal bond in accordance with their consent, provided that it is within the boundaries determined by the laws and mandatory rules. The parties make reciprocative and mutually appropriate declarations of will through contracts and make these contracts obligatory within themselves. Before establishing an obligatory contractual bond in this way, it is crucial that the parties know their rights and obligations. Hence, the parties, while signing the contract, agree that this contract has become inalienable, except for certain conditions, in accordance with pacta sunt servanda (principle of loyalty).

Even though the parties have agreed to make a contract with reciprocative and mutually appropriate declarations of will, it is still not adequate for the validity of the contracts. According to Turkish Law, in order for the contract to be valid, first of all, it should not be contrary to the mandatory verdicts of the law, morality, public order, personal rights or the subject of the contract should not be impossible. Thus, in solving possible problems that may occur after the foundation, revision or signing process of the contracts, it is crucial to work with a professional team that is well expertised in Law of Contracts as well as other branches of law that may be related to the Law of Contracts.

As Miran Legal Law, we prepare standard contracts and mixed contracts in accordance with the legal relations that our domestic and foreign clients plan to be a party to. In this context, our office provides consultancy services on signing and closing the contract, putting it into effect, revising it if needed or preparing back letters, preparing documents for the termination process and settling of conflicts occurring from contracts.

By our office, legal consultancy services are provided on the following types of contracts in line with Contract Law.

  • Agent contracts,
  • Distributorship contracts,
  • Franchising  contracts,
  • Stockholders’ contracts,
  • Construction contracts,
  • Business contracts,
  • Joint ventures,
  • Leases,
  • Loan contracts,
  • License contracts,
  • Sales contracts,
  • Insurance contracts,
  • Management, consultancy and service contracts,
  • Deed of association.