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In terms of economics, competition can be defined as the race of sellers in a market for obtaining more customers and increasing their sales of goods and services, meaning their profits. The concept of competition, as well as forming the basis for an efficiently functioning market system, ensures social justice and economic efficiency, while protecting the independence of the decisions of market actors and actions that protect their personal interests. In addition to these, the competitive market structure also has dynamic functions.

On the other hand, as a result of leaving the markets on their own, the initiatives in the market get into a destructive competition and face the risk of turning into an environment where they prefer to cooperate that will adversely affect social welfare and economic development, or to engage in exploitative and exclusionary actions by using their economic power, which makes state intervention inevitable.

Such practices will also restrict the freedom of initiative, thus basic democratic rights and freedoms will be interrupted. Elimination of the aforementioned problems will be possible by supporting the economic system with a competition law and establishing an effective competition authority that will implement this law.

Competition Law is a branch of law that supports and aims to maintain the free market economy and regulates the behavior of companies that are incompatible with competition. The aim of competition law is to intercept agreements, decisions and practices that prevent, spoil or restrict competition in the goods and services markets, and to prevent the misuse of this hegemony by the initiatives that dominate the market, and to ensure the protection of competition by practicing the necessary regulations and audits. Competition law gains more importance day by day in the market nowadays. In fact, competition with the globalizing economy and the problems related to competition law stand out not only in the national arena but also in the international arena. We, as Miran Legal, closely follow the up-to-date national and international technological and economic changes , which are truly important for the existence and future of companies in this field of law, and carefully go around the changing needs of our clients regarding competition law and provide legal support.  Following are the services we provide our clients within this scope; 

  • Designating the accurate legal strategy for each company and according to the substantial case, in response to allegations of infringement in companies dealing with competition investigations, 
  • Follow-up of all necessary stages in the cases to be initiated against the decisions of the institution,
  • Ensuring that necessary measures are taken that will not endanger the competition law, especially with the actions of clients who are in a dominant stance in the sector,
  • Obtaining the necessary permissions in the eye of the Establishment in processes such as collaborations, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures.