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As Miran Legal, we think that specializing and acquiring meritable information makes a difference in today's world. Hence, we provide services in areas where we have adequate experience and expertise to make a difference.

Commercial law; is a sub-branch of law that covers all trade-related legislation. It regulates commercial relations, exchanges and rights of the parties between businesses, chandlers and individuals in general.

Even though the verdicts in regards to Commercial Law are generally brought up together in the Commercial Law, there are also regulations in various laws such as the Capital Market Law, Banking and Credit Cards Law. As for the Turkish Trade Act; it has been arranged in 6 books which are as following; Commercial Business Law, Corporate Law, Law of Commercial Papers, Transportation Law, Maritime Law and Insurance Law.

Commercial Law is one of the widest branches of law that covers all commercial activities that we encounter in all areas of life. As a matter of fact, even the smallest transactions carried out throughout the day and have an impact on the economy are within the context of the Commercial Law, without even realizing it. Hence, business activities are getting more and more complicated day by day; professional guidance is needed more each day in order to ensure that the aforementioned activities are carried out in line with the law or to sort out the disputes that arise.

The fact that Commercial Law is such a wide branch of law and that it is encountered in daily life to this extent makes it to be related to many other branches of law, especially the Law of Obligations. In this case, a team of experts will be needed not only in Commercial Law but also in other branches of law that might be related to Commercial Law.

As Miran Legal, we provide the following services and consultancy to ensure that the commercial activities of our clients operating in the country and abroad are carried out within the framework of the most up-to-date legal developments and to sort out the disputes arising as a result of commercial activities.

  • Establishing national and foreign companies, 
  • Preparation of charter, articles of association and stockholders’ agreements of companies,
  • Making of bureaucratic procedures and applications,
  • Establishment of liaison offices and branches,
  • Making of business combinations, acquisitions, changes of kind and company purchase and sale transactions,
  • Carrying out the transactions of share trading and pledge of shares, 
  • Carrying out the transactions of share certificate and debenture bond,
  • Carrying out the transactions regarding the management and acquisition of securities,
  • Preparation of ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies of joint stock companies and following up the registration procedures,
  • Preparation of stockholder board resolutions of limited companies and following up the registration procedures,
  • Carrying out the transactions general board and board of management,
  • Cancellation of general board resolutions,
  • Eventuation of capital increases and reductions,
  • Eventuation of foreign capital transfers,
  • Providing consultancy on investment incentives and carrying out the transactions regarding incentives, 
  • Reconstruction operations,
  • Execution of claims, termination and compensation cases arising from commercial relations and contracts,
  • Execution of lawsuits and transactions regarding Competition Law disputes,
  • Managing the discharge process.