NEWS | To Green Future: Miran Legal & PepsiCo

To Green Future: Miran Legal & PepsiCo

As Miran Legal and PepsiCo, we are very excited to share with you the Istanbul Arbitration Center ("ISTAC") led moot court competition and the Project Creation and Digitization Competition on Sustainability, which will start in January and will be completed in April in order to support and raise awareness on sustainability.
In the Moot Court Competition, ISTAC and Miran Legal will first provide informative trainings on the moot court process and the legal dimension of the sustainability field, then a sustainability-themed moot court case text will be presented and project candidates will be asked to produce a solution on this case within a specified period of time.
We open our doors to candidates who want to develop original projects for a sustainable world during the project creation and digitalization phase. Candidates are expected to produce and present creative sustainability-themed projects. During the creation phase of the projects, candidates will be trained and led by the PepsiCo Sustainability Team and lawyers specialized in sustainability.
Awards: The winning candidates of the Hypothetical Case competition, which will be determined by the jury, will have the opportunity to do a 1-month internship in the PepsiCo Law Department or ISTAC, free participation in various ISTAC events, or the opportunity to serve as ISTAC Sustainability Commission Secretary for 1 year.
The most successful and impactful projects will be selected by a jury and the winning candidates will receive various internship opportunities.
The detailed schedule of the project will be shared in the coming days.
Best regards,
Miran Legal.