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As Miran Legal, we think that specializing and acquiring meritable information makes a difference in today's world. Hence, we provide services in areas where we have adequate experience and expertise to make a difference.

Public institutions have to practice certain goods, services and works through tenders. Public Procurement Law is a branch of public law that regulates the procedures and principles to be applied in tenders to be made by public institutions and organizations that are subject to public law, under the control of the public and using public resources.

In accordance with the public procurement legislation, anything related to the procurement of goods, service procurement and construction works of all public institutions and organizations are within the context of the Public Procurement Law. In order to carry out the transactions within the scope of Public Procurement Law, the employer and the contractor must record the declarations of intention with one another through a contract. This process is examined under a separate heading as public procurement contracts. Even though one of the parties to the contracts is a public institution, sometimes these contracts remain within the context of private law and are subject to private law rules. Nevertheless, if the public institution becomes a party to this relationship by using public power, there is a situation concerning public law.

As can be seen even in its briefest definition, Public Procurement Law is a field that requires a lot of specialization. Preparing the necessary applications and filing lawsuits, especially the announcement of the tender, the preparation of the bid files, the control of the documents and the disputes to be encountered in these processes, are technical issues that require professional consultancy.

Public procurement law is also in constant change due to the changing needs. Therefore, it is of great importance to constantly follow up both the legislation and the decisions of the Commission and the Council of State.

As Miran Legal; we provide legal consultancy services to our clients at all phases between the legal preparation of public tenders and the completion of the tender work.

Some of the services provided by our office in line with Public Procurement Law are stated below.

  • Legal preparation for public tenders,
  • Resolution of conflicts taking place during the tender process,
  • Resolution of conflicts with the administration while performing the work undertaken,
  • Preparation of public procurement contracts.